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alumni meet

This weekend was the alumni meet. I got to see some old track friends, and actually threw pretty well! I beat all the Cobbers at shot, including alumni (not include the Dragon who is now coaching the throw crew). My mark wasn't bat - 31'9" - which is close to what I threw, so for not practicing or lifting like a thrower, that's pretty good. Weight kind of sucked - I was too much of a lightweight to throw it in college, and now that I've lost weight and am not lifting like a thrower and am not used to the technique, it throws me around the circle instead of the other way around. I could still control two-spin throws, though, which was good news, but my mark was way down. On Friday when we were running, they were having a gymnastics meet. I realize that they're guilding up a lot of momentum, but I was surprised at how many girls couldn't stick landings. I'm not just talking about little steps either, but huge ones, or somersaults off the mat. As a thrower, I build up momentum too, and I have to control it b/c my throw doesn't count if I can't stick at the toe board - and everyone has to land, why isn't it something they don't work on more?
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