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Cobber Chronicle

I've been reading this book, the "Cobber Chronicle", purchased in college by my husband, calmingsilence. It has a ton of random things that are quite interesting. For brevity's sake, they're behind The moving of girls to Livedalen isn't the first time girls have lived in a boys' dorm. When the college began, a faculty member with his school-age daughters did, and at one point there was a sandbox for the young daughter of another.

King Olav of Norway has an honorary degree from Concordia - doctor of laws. To have him at their graduation, the Cobbers of that year elayed graduation by two weeks. The royalty dined in Fjelstad Hall.

Freshmen beanies were originally green. This stopped during WWII b/c of a shortage of green dye. They were resurrected in 1955, maroon and gold, and continued until 1965, when they disappeared again until the present.

There used to be a Montana Day, complete with a rodeo, sponsored by the Montana Club.

CLV was only an "experiment" at first.

In the mid-1990s, there was an extremely well-known coaching clinic, and also a large winter carnival.

Some organizations created to spoof "everything that could be" include Konkordia Koo Koo Klub and Kon Kordia Koo Kooettes.

The first computer was "installed" in 1964; in 1965 there was a "computer party" where the computer matched the dates based on compatibility.

The union used to be in the basement of Brown and Concordia used to have a kevatron (atom-smasher).

Hope you enjoyed the trivia!!!

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