Svenskfisken (puffyamiyumi) wrote in cobbers,

Ok, I'm choosing classes for next semester, but I want to know-

1. Who is the best prof to take Religion 100 from?
2. For my "Foundations and Premises of Civilization" core, I don't want to take history, is philosophy or scandinavian studies better?

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Im a religion minor, and so far I have loved classes from Larry Alderink, Shawn Carruth, and Roy Hammerling. :) Good luck!



That's about all I have to say. Carruth is okay. Alderink is okay. I don't LOVE either of them, but I think I'd worship Michelle Lelwica, if she'd let me.
Take philosophy. You're artsy, you need to have some philosophy under your belt.
I had Ernie Simmons. He's alright...likes to write in greek on the board..rambles in german sometimes. nice guy.

And as far as philosophy get to watch Chocolat, O Brother Where Art Thou, and I think another movie...not sure what since I've never taken the class...but I have a friend who took it. Oh and you also read the Odessy.

So that's my two cents.
Ummm...I took Rel. 100 from Carol Andreini, who I'm not even sure is teaching in the department right now...she was at the end of last year, but I kind of think she just covers sabbaticals and things like that. Not sure. She was ok, and the class gave me the basics, which is about all you can ask for from Rel 100. Other profs I've had and liked: Hammerling (awesome!!) and Aageson (tough, but good discussions).
I personally did not like Aageson at all. I've had classes from Hammerlink and liked him too. Carruth is fine too. If Tommerdahl teaches Scan Studies, that would be a great class.